About Us

UAB Solja is a Joint Lithuanian – English Private Limited Company, manufacturer of anti-vibration soles, anti-vibration rubbers, anti-vibration cushions, anti-vibration cushions, anti-vibration dampers, anti-vibration bushings, anti-vibration feet, rubber shock absorbers, rubber cushioning, rubber sheets, rubber mats. As a manufacturer, we are able to offer you the best competitive prices and terms of purchase, prompt delivery to your location, warehousing.

Solja UAB manufactures and sells rubber shock absorbers to markets such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Egypt, Ukraine. We have a strong position in these markets and produce:

  • anti-vibration soles
  • anti-vibration rubbers
  • anti-vibration cushions
  • anti-vibration dampers
  • anti-vibration bushings
  • anti-vibration feet
  • rubber shock absorber
  • rubber mattings
  • rubber sheetings

Our metal rubber products are widely used in a wide range of industrial equipment, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, wind turbines, road construction machinery, lifts, elevators, lift trucks, forklift trucks, military machinery, firefighting machinery, mining machinery, compressors, pumps, generators, racing and sports cars, agricultural machinery.

Solja UAB has professional engineers who can properly select
anti-vibration rubbers, soles, shock absorbers,
anti-vibration rubbers, anti-vibration feet.

Solja Ltd. also produces custom rubber, silicone, PVC, nitrile products according to customer requirements.

Solja, a joint Lithuanian-English private limited company, has more than 30 years of experience in the rubber products and metal products industry and is professionally prepared to offer the most optimal specialist solutions, using specialised knowledge and testing methods for all vibration control products.