UAB SOLJA offers:
Anti-vibration dampers, anti-vibration cushions, cushioning rubbers, rubber shock absorbers and other vibration damping elements.

We also produce custom rubber, silicone, nitrile, PVC products according to customer requirements.


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Catalogue of our full range of products with specifications:

30 years of experience

Professionals ready to offer the optimum specialist solutions, using specialist knowledge, testing methods for all vibration control products.
  • Corresponding specifications

    Products comply with international ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 specifications.

  • Responsibility

    Orders are executed to a high standard and commitments to the client are met on time.

  • Trust

    The most important thing is the connection between us and our customers.

  • Professionalism

    Highest product quality on the market.

Professional engineers

Will properly select and manufacture the anti-vibration rubbers, pads, shock absorbers, anti-vibration sleeves, anti-vibration feet and other non-standard rubber products you need
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